What People are Saying...

Mr. Foster was exceptional. Extremely knowledgeable, highly intelligent, respectful, courteous, pleasant — who could ask for more?
— Molly
Brent was excellent at educating us about some of our misperceptions around energy savings. Plus. he was so good with our dog
— Betty
Brent arrived right on time! He was open and took time to answer our questions. Obviously he is a pro! We are grateful for his patience and his expertise.
— Donna
Brent was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to answer all my questions and fully explain everything as we went through the house. I highly recommend him.
— John
Came out to our Seattle home when we needed infrared leak detection done on our 4 story modern (and complicated) home and gave a fantastic report. This really helped us and our contractors pin point some areas of concern and in need of repair. Answered all of my questions and made me feel like I can come back with more. He was so informative, kind, and knowledgeable. Definitely worth every cent! Give Brent a call for your next inspection!
— Ali B., Seattle
Very professional. Had good ideas/recommendations. Was very patient with his explanations. Appeared to genuinely have our best interest in mind.
— Brad

As Featured in Building Services Management

My husband and I recently moved into a 70-year-old home with oil heat. After paying out the nose every month for oil bills, we called Brent at Northwest Infrared. We were a little skeptical about how useful an Infrared energy audit would be and whether it would be worth the cost. But we went for it and are so happy we did!

We are extremely pleased with the service. Brent was great to work with. He gives fantastic, straightforward advice. His recommendations are practical, inexpensive and easy to do yourself. He sent us a detailed report with tips, pictures of trouble spots and what materials are needed to make the fixes.

Before we met with Brent we were considering expensive options such as a wood stove, wall insulation or new windows, but thanks to Brent we’ve learned some easy and inexpensive fixes instead. Thanks!
— Pamela B., Seattle
I’m glad I came across this program. Brent was very helpful, informative, and answered all my questions. I learned a lot about how my house operates, and easy ways to save on future power bills. Since Brent isn’t affiliated with local contractors, he’s not trying to sell you equipment, etc…

He’s giving you an honest opinion/recommendation on how to improve your home and save money – it’s a win win for the home owner.

Especially if you’re a Lacey homeowner (cheap cost for such an in-depth inspection). I’d recommend this service to friends.
— Casey
Brent was very professional and friendly. I received some very good information on how to make our home more energy efficient. My husband and I are taking the measures bring our home up to more efficiency performance.
— Anne
This was not only enlightening, it was a blast. Get it, blast. I laughed when I accidentally opened a door – it was just really great to know the SIMPLE things I can do to save energy. My to do list isn’t nearly as big as I thought it would be on a 22 year old house. Thanks Brent!
— Becki
We own a 106 year old house. In doing research to figure out how to lower our heating bills, we were overwhelmed both mentally and financially. Then we heard about Northwest Infrared. The owner (Brent) comes to your house, sets up his equipment and walks around with you with his infrared camera and shows you exactly where cold air is leaking (or sometimes rushing) into your house. He isn’t trying to sell you anything, so he’s a neutral voice. He used to own his own housing inspection company, so he knows all about how houses are built. He even gave us a list of things we can do ourselves for minimal funds to cut our heating bill costs. Everyone that owns a house should call Brent. I wish I would have known about him years ago!! Also, we live in Seattle and Brent traveled over to us from Olympia.
— Star D., Seattle

Subject: A Nice Thank You Note

Brent, I recently referred your Infrared service to Linda Whittlesey at Re/Max NW for you to do the condo building in Edmonds. Please find the nice note she sent to me, which is really all about YOU. Always good to get a good comment for a referral. Keep up the good work.
— Howard
I had Brent come out and check my recently renovated shower for moisture. He did confirm that there was moisture there and gave me great tips on what I should do next to get all of this handled. He sent me a detailed report fast and I am on my way of getting it all fixed! Thank you!
— Jennifer P., Olympia