Thermal Imaging Home Inspection:

Pre-Purchase Energy Check

Did you know that the home you are considering purchasing has likely never been checked for thermal efficiency?

Air leakage, or infiltration, occurs when outside air enters a house uncontrollably through cracks and openings. Properly sealing such cracks and openings in your home can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, improve building durability, and create a healthier indoor environment.

Why Take the Extra Step?

It is not required as part of the normal building process, yet you would think that this critical step would be required so that you, as the one who pays the energy bills, would not have to pay for shoddy workmanship causing huge energy losses.

The cost of thermography easily pays for itself, saving you on repairs, energy bills, or helping you avoid buying a lemon.

The contractor installs insulation in all of the obvious areas, yet there is no quality control step mandated to confirm that it was all done correctly.

Missing Insulation Will Raise Your Energy Costs

The insulation installers are not required to be licensed, and in many instances they are not trained at all in the installation of air barriers, thermal barriers, or heat transfer.

What You Can't See Can Cost You

We often identify voids in the wall and ceiling insulation. Many things happen in the installation process that includes fiberglass batts being cut too short, insulation over-compressed, insulation cut too long, or sagging insulation inside the walls.

These mis-installations greatly affect the performance of the thermal barrier and cost you, the homeowner, money in higher energy bills.

More Than a Home Inspection Can Offer

Most buyers today make the good decision to have a qualified home inspector evaluate the buildings and its components. Home inspectors are a valuable asset to a home buyer, but they perform a visual inspection only. Concealed wall cavity conditions are explicitly excluded in their contracts.


This is where the inspector’s ability stops and where the Certified Thermographer takes over…let us perform a thermal image scan.

Stopping air infiltration is not a difficult process once your Certified Thermographer has pinpointed the sources of the problem.


I had Brent come out and check my recently renovated shower for moisture. He did confirm that there was moisture there and gave me great tips on what I should do next to get all of this handled. He sent me a detailed report fast and I am on my way of getting it all fixed! Thank you!
— Jennifer P. Olympia
My husband and I recently moved into a 70-year-old home with oil heat. After paying out the nose every month for oil bills, we called Brent at Northwest Infrared. We were a little skeptical about how useful an Infrared energy audit would be and whether it would be worth the cost. But we went for it and are so happy we did!
— Pamela B., Seattle