Northwest Infrared – Brent Foster talks about using infrared imaging on electrical circuits

Northwest Infrared LLC provides thermal imaging services for commercial, industrial and residential clients. Infrared inspections provide real-time information, detecting problems that cause heating efficiency loss, moisture intrusion, or equipment failure. Northwest Infrared’s certified thermography staff specializes in non destructive testing and diagnosis using infrared technology to benefit the owner and contractor.

Air Intrusion Evaluation Service – Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Bremerton and Communities in the State of Washington

The building code for Washington State was changed in July 2010 to include a mandatory test for air leakage, the major cause of energy loss. Air intrusion is caused by holes cut in the building envelope for lighting, plumbing and ventilation.

Northwest Infrared provides an infrared scan service, including a blower door test, that can identify areas of air leakage.

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Brent Foster Explains Thermal Images During Energy, Moisture and other Infrared Applications

Brent Foster of Northwest Infrared in Olympia, WA is certified in several thermal imaging applications. While he knows what he sees, his customers do not. So, Brent takes the time to explain what he is going to do. Then, what he is doing. Then, what he has done.

A thermal imaging camera displays various colors representing variations in temperature. Some variations are caused by moisture trapped in a wall or ceiling, missing insulation or shoddy construction.

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