Certified Level III Thermographer

“The Most Qualified Thermographer in the Northwest!”

Infrared thermal imaging equipment is currently being sold all over the world to individuals with absolutely no training or experience in building science thermography.

Infrared equipment is not a Polaroid where point and shoot will yield usable information without the knowledge of heat transfer, infrared science and building construction.

Brent Foster was first a successful certified building inspector for 13 years and has evaluated thousands of residential, multi family and commercial buildings throughout the state of Washington. With that background, Brent made the decision to specialize in building science thermography.

Brent Foster first earned the Level I Thermographer designation. This is the first level of real credentials in the field of thermography. Brent took this certification further and completed the training and testing and he is now certified by the (ITC) Infrared Training Center as a Level III Building Science Thermographer.

As a Level III Thermographer, Brent Foster is the best professional in the region to perform your needed infrared scans, investigations, testify on your behalf, and discover issues that others with less experience completely overlook.

Some of Brent’s past licensing, certifications and Designations.

Northwest Infrared LLC

  • Certified Level 3 Thermographer # 32804

  • Certified Building Science Thermographer

  • Current owner and operator of Northwest Infrared LLC

  • Northwest Infrared LLC

    • Certified Level III Thermographer # 32804

    • Certified Building Science Thermographer

    • Current owner and operator of Northwest Infrared LLC

  • Advanced Training: United Infrared

    • Roof scan

    • Block wall scan

    • Equine scan

    • Moisture Intrusion scans

  • General Property Inspection Inc.

    • Commercial & Residential Building Evaluation Certification #1165

    • Pre purchase Mobile Home Inspector Certification # 4051

    • President, Retired

  • The National Organization of Exterior Finish System

    • Siding Clad Inspector Certification # 2506

  • American Institute of Inspectors

    • Master Inspector, Pre-purchase building Inspector, Certification # 1165

    • Pre-Purchase Modular Home Inspector, Certification # 4051

    • Chairman of the Board 1998 -2001 American Institute of Inspectors

  • Northwest Energy Star

    • PTCS Certification # 2537

    • Certified Energy Star Verifier for new construction

  • Washington State office of the Insurance Commissioner

    • Insurance Adjuster

    • Property, Casualty, Disability and Life, Licensed agent

  • Washington State Department of Agriculture

    • Commercial Consultant, License #50521

  • BPI (Building Performance Institute)

    • Building Analyst Professional Certification # 5027785

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

    • 203k Plan Reviewer & 203k Consultant

    • Certification # S0552

  • K-9 Handler and Owner

    • Residential and commercial evaluation

    • Termite detection K-9 Handler

    • Decay detection K-9 Handler

  • State of Washington Department of Licensing

    • Real Estate Services

    • Certificate of Instructor # I1467

  • Oregon State University

    • Western Regional Lead Training Center

    • Lead-based Paint risk Assessment Training

    • Certification # 582