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Full Service Infrared Imaging serving the Western Washington area. Including Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia & South Puget Sound. See what can't be seen in using Infrared Imaging. We are the most qualified thermographers in the Northwest!

Building Diagnostics

Thermography can be used successfully for many building diagnostics; Water ntrusion – including plumbing leaks, mold, exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS), and disaster surveys, electrical problems, mechanical issues even defects in block walls.

Stop Losing Heat

There are many types of energy audit surveys and some can get quite complex and expensive. The specialty energy audit companies evaluate not only the envelope of the building but many other components and assemblies within the structure.


DYI Energy Audit

There is no mystery to performing energy audits. We found this great guide to Do-It-Yourself Energy Audits at the U.S. Department of Energy website. We encourage you to perform your own audits and then bring in Northwest Infrared to perform your needed thermographic inspections.

Is Water Seeping In?

Infrared thermography is a fast and non-destructive technology that can accurately track down sources of moisture in the buildings – even when hidden behind interior walls, within insulation, or in the ceiling. It can also confirm when a wall or assembly is in fact dry.