Would you Like Thermal Imaging inspection done for You? 

- or- 

Would you like us to train you
or your team to do it yourself?

When it comes to selecting a Thermal Imaging or Infrared Imaging service, we believe you should have a choice.

That's why we offer more than just do-it-for-you thermal imaging scan and analysis for commercial, industrial and residential customers.

We also offer professional hands-on thermography training for employers, independent business owners, and new business startups. 

As the most qualified thermographers in the Northwest, we want to help you see what can't be seen in using Infrared Imaging!

Do it Yourself - Do it For you

Get Professional Thermography Training

  • If you're looking for training for your employees for your old or new infrared camera. 
  • If you already own a business and want to add thermography services to your customers.
  • If you're interested in starting your own thermal imaging inspection company - we can help.

Want it Done For You?

Infrared inspections provide real-time information, detecting problems that cause heating efficiency loss, moisture intrusion, or equipment failure.

Northwest Infrared’s certified thermography staff specializes in non-destructive testing and diagnosis using infrared technology to benefit the owner and contractor.

Commercial - Residential - Industrial

Whether you're looking for help with Commercial, Industrial or Residential properties, we can help.  

Infrared as a Precision Diagnostic Tool

Thermography can be used successfully for many building diagnostics. 

Water intrusion – including plumbing leaks, mold, exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS), and disaster surveys, electrical problems, mechanical issues even defects in block walls.

Stop Losing Heat

Is your home cold and drafty?

Are your heating bills higher than they should be?

Your heating system may not be to blame. Air leaks or damaged or missing insulation could be the problem. A thermal inspection can pinpoint your problem areas. We can help. 

Electrical Evaluations

Infrared electrical surveys of panels and components reveal loose connections, faulty parts and possible current overloads. Infrared images of breaker panels show areas generating abnormal heat. Infrared thermometers help pinpoint the hotspots so you can address the problem and prevent loss and damage.

Is Water Seeping In?

Infrared moisture intrusion inspections can pinpoint hidden sources of moisture with little or no physical damage to a structure.

Knowing the source and travel pattern allows for lower repair costs.

Block Wall Diagnostics

New and existing block wall constructions can be scanned for a variety of defects. The technology is applicable to almost all types of masonry including brick, cinder block, stone, man-made materials and more.

With the right conditions and the right equipment, infrared camera helps you investigate for problems like improper fill in blocks, voids in blocks, structural defects, and inadequate materials.

Flat Roof Evaluations

Infrared moisture inspection is a proven method for locating moisture problems on flat roofs. Pinpointing is needed for repairs and prevention of moisture intrusion, energy loss and wet, damaged insulation.